After looking at Kazuyo Seima’s Small House there were several characteristics of Japanese Architecture and the house that I tried to convey into the book we had to create. The book is comprised of four sections similar to the four levels of the Small house bound though minimal stitching along the spine. These individual layers were then each covered in a layer of Mylar. The Bristol vellum pages making up the sections of the book were then cut at various angles taken from the house while the Mylar covers were left whole. Playing with the Japanese idea of diffused light, the voids left by the cut away vellum and the layers of Mylar mimic the way that light is diffused down though the house.

The four individual parts were then pierced and stitched together with a main cover of Mylar and a strip of vellum for support. The spine holds the four sections together while also allowing movement of the pages much like the spiral staircase in the core of the house provides both the structural support and main circulation flow.

The pattern for the cover was taken from the interaction of the spiral staircase and the four panels adjusted to fit the house within the site.

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