Book _deconstruction

The exterior of the House in Saka by Suppose Design Office features a large sheltering wall that almost completely encapsulates the house from all angles. Within this area created by the shielding wall is a very dense core that holds the main programs of the house. These elements along with the Japanese elements of allowing natural light to filter in through nature into the house are captured in my book diagram.

By minimizing the binding edge that would typically hold a book together, I illustrated the densest area to be the center, closed and isolated from the exterior. Just as your view into the house is blocked from the street level, one may not open/view the interior of the book. But rather, the focus is taken into viewing the way one unifying piece, the cover, folds around the book and consequently defining the interior space within.

In elevation, the book diagram features two different leveling of pages, one shorter than the other. The cover of the book reaches down to meet with these different levels to capture the sunken-in aspect of the House in Saka. The unifying folding sheet reaches around and surrounds the house from all different levels, sinking into the ground and reaching back up above ground.

Diana Rodriguez

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