Book Diagram

The main inspiration for the book diagram came from looking at a section of the house. The first thing that I noticed was a vertical shift that splits the house in half. This is not obvious looking at different views but with the section it becomes apparent that this move was intentional. This shift creates the overhang for the car to park under as well as creates room for a roof terrace at the top of the house. I wanted the book to ultimately have that same affect so I cut half of the pages and their spine in order to make that movement possible. Also from the section I noticed how the spine and covers of a book resemble the walls and roof of the house and saw that there is really nothing significant that interrupts that flow except the second floor window and the skylight. I was able to directly relate this to the components of the book and that is how I was able to decide on the orientation the book diagram would be in.

Lastly I wanted to somehow illustrate how light flows through the house. I felt like there was a connection between the skylight and the second floor window with the way light moves to and from those areas in between. Looking at interior pictures you can see how well lit the house is which I think can be attributed to the two windows I described. To show this in the book diagram, I cut a void into the pages between those areas which in turn illustrated the connection between the two light sources.

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