Book Binding

As with the diagram of the House in Seya, I chose the cover of the book to represent the shell of the house. In order to emphasize this, I designed the cover in such a way that it wrapped the entirety of the pages. This lead to an envelope-like cover that encases the pages. In this way, a new world can be discovered on the pages of the book once the cover is removed just as one can enter a new world when walking into the House in Seya.

To pattern the cover, I layered its planes with mylar by folding triangular pieces. I then used a stitching pattern of three lines to hold the pieces in place. This created a cover with varying opacity so that at some instances, the reader can catch a small glimpse of what is inside and at other moments, the pages are completely invisible. The angles of the triangle also allude to the angled roof of the house.

For binding the book itself, I used a simple spiral stitch that would allow the pages to lie flat when opened, making it easy to use. I also left the right edge of the pages slightly staggered to suggest the “unfinished” state the House in Seya was finished in.

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