Book Diagram: Rooftecture S

One of the most prominent features of Rooftecture S by Shuhei Endo is the triangular shape of the house, which is derived from the site. To diagram this I tore off the back cover of the book and reattached it to form an elongated triangle by also using folded pages to accentuate the shape. The back cover also serves as a base and backside diagramming the use of the existing stone retaining wall into the design of the house.

The front cover and spine are kept as one piece to diagram how the roof wraps over the building, giving it the name “Rooftecture S”. I made a diagonal cut in the front cover to show the unique angles of the house, but kept the sides in its original state instead of angling them to keep the integrity of the book. The cover also does not have cuts other than the diagonal to keep what is inside hidden since the building itself has only small windows so people cannot see into the house from the outside.

I cut the visible pages to different sizes to show the different spaces within the house and excavated a skinny hole through the pages of the book to diagram the flow all the way through the building. This hole also represents the window at the short side of the house.

Overall, the book diagrams the house in a very literal sense, but is based mostly on the main shapes and gestures the house creates.

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