book of light_made

_Based off the rectangle of light house I wanted my book to show ideas within the house as well as function as a usable book. The books pages and cover take on the same proportions as the rectangle of light house’s east and west facades. The pages sit inside of a stiff angular cover, which keeps intact the shape of the house and has square punctures going through it as would the houses windows. But since the windows of the rectangle of light house are covered not allowing people to view out or light to get in I created a secondary case that slips over the entire book surrounding it in a continuous plane of material. The two story light shaft at the far end of the house distinguishes the rectangle of light house from a giant card board box so I wanted to use that same movement to distinguish this book from normally rectangular book. By adding smaller pages every 4 pages the books spine became thicker giving the whole book a tapered appearance like the light shafts shape. These smaller pages also act as transitions through the 6 sections of the book, just as stairs provide transitions between different floors of the house. I tried to keep seems and connections clean and discreet while ultimately keeping the book functional as a book as the rectangle of light house is functional as a house.

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  1. Nancy AbbottJanuary 28, 2012

    Looks great, Nat. Keep up the good work.