House A Book Diagram

This book diagram was inspired by the overall concept of staggering rectangles found in Ryue Nishizawa’s House A. The house features five rooms that are rectangular in plan and elevation, and each space is distinguished by 3 different ceiling heights. In plan, the staggering rectangular shape allows for natural light to enter the building, which sits on a narrow site between two two story buildings. In order to decide the height of the staggering on the book diagram, I took a section of the building and shrank it to a scale that would fit the book, maintaining the proportions intended by the architect. I chose the book because of its long narrow shape, which is analogous to the long narrow site of House A. With the leftover book cover, I cut and glued squares on top of the cuts on the book, to complete the envelope of the building and illustrate the flat roof forms of the house. One other detail of the building diagram is that it sits on the book binding, the foundation of the book which also acts as an analogy to the foundation of the building.

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