Cover Book

This book was created based on the Japanese architectural principles of attention to details and clean lines with inspiration from Shuhei Endo’s Rooftecture S. Using Mylar, I took the idea of a roof wrapping around the house and made the cover of the book wrap all the way around its pages. Since the Mylar is slightly transparent, it gives a hint to the user of what to expect inside without showing it completely. I also used the angle of Rooftecture S’s roof to create the front cover and took inspiration from the small windows to make little openings in the cover for a hint as to what is on the inside.

The pages of the book are different sizes and get longer as the user gets further down into the book to represent how the house is triangular and goes from a narrow width on one side to a wider width on the opposite side. The pages are also progressively get longer so that the spine of the book represents a triangular shape to reflect the shape of the house and site in plan. This is a subtle feature because from the front face of the house, one cannot tell the house is a triangular shape. He would need to get closer in order to see the triangular shape. Since the house is small and Japanese architecture tends to be compact, I made the book fit nicely into the hand.

To bind the book, I used a simple Coptic stitch and attached the back cover with simple stitches so that it does not take away from the crisp lines of the book itself.

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