BOOK Binding

This book is now resulting affter researching and understanding the complex house. It has a cover page, which is enclosed with mylar. The back of the book is a sheet of mylar, as well. In between are 47 pages of 2-ply Bristol paper.

The size of the book or rather the ratio of the pages is related to the ratio of the complex house. The actual size is 6” 3/4 by 3” 5/8.

The pattern of the cover page is reflected from the floor plan of the house. The circulation has the same pattern on the 1st and 2nd floor. This pattern of the building's circulation seams to be very important. You can see in the picture above, the circulation and the two rooms, which are connected by it, are colored red. This red figure has been developed to the final pattern by reflecting, rotating and duplicating it.

The pattern is also recognized at the bookbinding. The stitches are lined up to get the same pattern. This specific type of bookbinding was chosen to provide a fully opening of the book.

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