Diagram: House in Seya

One of the main concepts of the House in Seya was that the house was its own in world encapsulated in a shell. In this world, there is open space with room for nature and the inhabitants to grow despite the small site. To represent this with a book diagram, I began by establishing the cover as representative of the shell, and the spine as the backside of the house because that is where the more introverted space can be found. Since the cover could only enclose three of the six sides of the book, I left a thin border of the pages to completely enclose the space inside the book.

Because the house does not simply have an entirely hollow interior, the space inside the book is divided into three sections to show how the space inside the house is organized. The middle section is the main space of the house making it the largest, and the areas above and below represents the bedroom and a multi-purpose room respectively.

Lastly, while the house is enclosed by it exteriors, windows are strategically placed to let in natural light and give limited views of the home within. To show this I cut four holes in the shell I created at moments where someone could look in and recognize that something was going on inside the book. However, in order to understand what is going on inside, it is necessary to open the cover, just as it is necessary to enter the house before getting the full view of what is inside.

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