Program massing

For scheme one, I focused on the idea of using natural light and a large surrounding window area to define the introverted and extroverted spaces of the library program. The library is divided into three floors, each organized with the extroverted areas such as the circulation, market place, public space, and children, located closer to the street side where light is prevalent. The introverted areas such the adults and reference collection are located in the cornered area surrounded by the neighboring buildings. This scheme emphasizes the idea that light and nature define the introverted and extroverted spaces of the library.

For scheme two, I continued with the idea of nature and people areas joining together. I used the idea of walking through a park to inspire this scheme in which the program is cut across the center as people are exposed to nature through terraces and gardens on both sides. As the floor level increases, so do the seclusion and introversion of the spaces .

For scheme three, I decided to separate the entire library into three main spaces, placing the introverted program along the cornered section of the site and placing the extroverted spaces along the streetside. In the center is a garden terrace that connects the two contrasting sections of the library together. On the second floor is the staff area, located in neither the introverted nor extroverted spaces, but rather in the center overlooking it all.

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