Library Concepts: Spiral Pathway, A Literary Garden, and The Hill

Most libraries are a set of blocked out spaces according to program; children’s books, adult’s books, other media. People go to their assigned area, get what they need, and leave. While being a great resource, this hardly encourages community interaction. With my three different concepts I wanted to try to create an environment that allowed the user to experience the space, the media, and the community there.
Concept #1 - Spiral Pathway
With my first concept I started with the idea of a winding path. In a garden the path directs your attention and pulls you through spaces. So I created, not a path through the library but the entire library as a winding, coiling path around an inner atrium community living room. This would allow the user to experience all of the spaces of the library not only from passing through, but also from seeing the other spaces from different vantages.
Concept #2 - A Literary Garden
My second concept was one of bringing in light and nature inside the library. Instead of dark segregated spaces, the library would be divided only by small glass enclosed gardens with light spilling out around no matter how dreary the weather. All the “rooms” would be visually connected through open area and through the gardens.
Concept #3 - The Hill
Along with bay windows, the sloped hills of San Francisco are iconic. If you flattened the city it would lose so much of it’s character. So I applied the reverse concept on the library. What if I took the flat floorplan and gave it the slope of the hill. My third concept was the result. With alternating sloped and level planes the interior has a rippling floor and almost no interior walls. Every single space is accessible via a ramp while each step is only six inches maximum allowing access to any spot for anyone.

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