Program one has got the idea of combining spaces of the program. The circulation services, the community living room and the market place are combined to one space and they are having a separate entry to provide a quick and short access to the fast living places of the library.
A recognizable entry situation should be achieved by locating the building in one corner of the lot and create a public outdoor space. A semi public space, which is an additional space to the given program.

The program two is based on the idea of the capsule tower by Kisho Kurokawa. The public space functions as center column over 5 stories, on which all the other spaces circle around. The second floor or rather its spaces are cantilevered over the first floor to create a shelter over the outside space in rainy SF.

Program three is all about being extremely compact. The proposal just touches two of the four property lines. This generates a lager outside space and supports the idea of Japanese’s high density building style.
The public space is again the center of the library in this proposal. It’s taller then the other spaces and makes its job as an access space for most of the other facilities of the branch library. There is a separate access to the circulation services and the community living room.

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