Subtractive Massing: The Tofu House by Jun Tamaki

The “Tofu House,” developed by Jun Tamaki, played with the basic method in which the masses were formed. The architectural experiment showed parallels to the subtractive nature of the book projects assigned by Arens. The monolithic block that makes up the one story residence is juxtaposed with the black roof and gravel. Basic geometric squares formed the simplistic spaces but moveable partitions allow for that space to be manipulated for the user’s comfort. 
Another important feature is the focus and attention paid to the entering sequence. An elongated hallway takes the significance off of the door and onto the special quality being created. The initial space serves as the living room, dining area, and welcoming space. The height of the space helps determine its use and function. The bedroom is located in the back of the house allowing for the front of the house to be focused on the daytime and more public spaces. What makes the “Tofu House” innovative is the priority placed on the central public space and social aspects rather than the private quarters.

by Josh Hines

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