House in Seya

by Suppose Design Office

The House in Seya by Suppose Design Office is located in a residential area of Kanagawa, Japan. The project focused on exploring ideas regarding architecture’s relationship to nature including scale and time. As a result, this three-story home on a small site creates a peaceful space with its raw materials and indoor gardens.

One of the ideas the designers focused on was based on the observation that it can sometimes be difficult to relate architecture nature because they exist on different scales. The architects intended to give nature a scale that was more relatable to architecture by enclosing gardens in the house. The architects explain, “It is the norm to erect walls to enclose a space for a building but for the house in Seya we decided to enclose the outer space.” This resulted in space that was neither really indoor nor outdoor, but instead was a sort of in between space with its own unique identity.

Also worthy of note is the intentional state of unfinish the building is left in. Because our world not only occupies space but time as well, the design team was interested in the idea that the natural environment is always changing as time passes. The house emulates this with its “unfinished” interior. The hope is that the space will evolve as the plants grow freely and the client uses and personalizes the home. By leaving the home in its raw state, time will be able to take effect on it just as it does nature, therefore strengthening the relationship between nature and the architecture.

First Floor

Second Floor

Third Floor

By Ana Love

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