COMPLEX HOUSE. nagoya japan

One big distinction between the Americans and the Japanese is how they deal with density. Besides New York City, the United States are not forced to build very dense. Because of this decreased density the Americans prefer to live in detached single family home. This American Dream results in a house with big setbacks to provide a garden as big as possible. The Japanese have to build more compact, because of their high population density, which is more then 10 times denser as the American density of Population. Although, the Japanese are trying to provide an equal standard of living.

The Complex house in Nagoya, Japan seams to accomplish good living conditions despite the high density. It’s a two story tall building with a total of 1’080 square foot and was built in 2011. The Japanese architect Tomohiro Hata has designed the single family residence with a total of five rooms.

The exterior at the street level has minimal penetrations to provide high privacy. Even a private outside space is offered through a patio on the bottom level. A run of alternating pitched roofs brings enough natural light in the house and creates taller rooms. The entire building is clad with metal sheets.

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