Schertz Library

The Schertz Public library, located at the heart of Schertz, Texas is 30,600 square feet and was completed in 2009. Designed by Kell Munoz Architects, it serves not only as a library, but as a community space as well. Recently Kell Munoz received an award for the architecture and design of the library by the San Antonio chapter of the American Institute of Architects.

The building is located in a park near a recreation center and in plan is a basic rectangle with a circular cutout for an outdoor courtyard to separate the children’s library and the adult’s library. In section, the roof creates a “V” shape to acknowledge the cities history of aviation. The library was originally built to honor the community and serve as a space where the community can come together. According to Andrew Rosenberg from an ArchDaily article, “the client desired a building that would reflect the spirit and character of this traditionally rooted but forward looking community.” This was done through the use of materials found in the neighborhood’s residential buildings and modern technology while still keeping a connection to nature. The large red oak tree carves out a space in the middle of the library in order to celebrate the natural environment. Large windows span the north-facing walls to let in natural light while protecting the books from extreme sunlight. This creates a light, airy environment that allows people to have a connection to the outdoors while still being protected from the elements. Since its completion, the people of Schertz have come to appreciate the new community center for the opportunity it provides them to connect with each other.

By Malina and Ana

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